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Can I setup Dealer or Wholesale pricing with you?
Yes, we have 2 dealer pricing levels.

Regular Dealer: Create a login on our site, email in your FFL (Not C&R License) or business license (must be part of related industry like firearms, sporting goods, etc) email with the login for your account (typically your email address). We will contact you back when we have the account setup.

Best Dealer: Same setup process as above plus: Do a minimum one time buy in of $7500.00 at regular dealer level, in shippable merchandise to receive this price level. Once the price level is achieved you will need to purchase $7500.00 additional shippable merchandise over the next 12 months to maintain the pricing level for the next year. 15,000 annually will be required going forward with no minimum per order amount.

If you have multiple locations, each location must have their own account, and their own business license or FFL for that location.
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What locations can I ship to?
You can ship to your billing address, as our preferred shipping option. Or you can ship to your place of business. Please contact us via email if you are changing the shipping address to your business so we won't contact you prior to processing your order for verification.
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When ordering a lower, where do I reference my FFL's information?
When ordering a lower please reference your FFL's information either in the "ship to" section of your order, or the customer notes box. Please make sure to contact your FFL after placing your order to have them forward us a copy of their license referencing either your name or your order number.
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What does Flat Rate mean?
By choosing Flat Rate that allows JSE to pick the shipper who quotes us the cheapest amount that we quote you. So when your package leaves our warehouse you will receive a shipping confirmation email providing you with a tracking number, that number will tell you who your shipper is.
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How do I remove the signature requirement from my order?
To remove the signature requirement from your order first the order MUST be UNDER $100. Please put a note in your customer notes section requesting to have the signature removed.
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How to purchase a suppressor?
***All Suppressors must transfer to a Class 3 SOT/FFL.***

Please reference the FFLs’ name & or address in the shipping section or customer notes section before submitting the order. We will need a copy of the FFL & SOT before we can start the paperwork. Send info to // ref: suppressor purchase or your order number

Contact JSE if you have any additional questions.
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